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September 2023 Newsletter – Getting Focused After Fun

In this Issue: Markets, Fed's Job, Infrastructure, Adulting, Talent Watchlist, September Invitations, It Ain't Over

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August 2023 Newsletter - Earnings 2nd Quarter 

In this Issue: Clark Capital Gauges, Earnings 2nd Quarter 2023, Why We Need Recessions, Summer insights

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July 2023 Newsletter - Market Wary and Market Optimism

In this Issue: Investor Stamina, Family Preparedness, New to WFS Blog, Quote to Share

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June 2023 Newsletter - Good News: Strong Incomes, Successful Millennials

In this Issue: We await debt ceiling resolution and think beyond 

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May 2023 Newsletter - The Fed, The Dollar, Earning Season

In this Issue: The Fed has inflation and mini-bank traumas

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April 2023 Newsletter - From Infection to Inflation

In this Issue: The new FFANG stocks; not so tech.

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March 2023 Newsletter - Lots of moving parts!

In this Issue: Data needs to settle. Think beyond.

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February 2023 Newsletter - Cloudy, Not Stormy

In this Issue: It's about patience and calm. 

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