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Widow Financial Services

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Managing Finances as a Widow

Losing a husband is one of life’s most emotionally devastating events. Every widow's financial path going forward is unique because of two things:

  • How you and your husband managed money during your marriage.
  • Your needs, wants, and vision for your life going forward.

WFS Is Trained in Financial Transitions, Not Just the Work

At WFS, we have helped many widows regain their financial footing. But what sets us apart is that we recognize the stress and grief you are suffering. We are trained to help you pace yourself emotionally and support you.

  • We help you set new goals and lifestyle expectations.
  • We help make the necessary transfers and get new estate planning documents in place.
  • We can manage your investment assets an ongoing basis to support your desired future.

What’s Next?

The pages that describe our financial services explain the technical aspects of the work we do. In our complimentary initial consultation, we will also cover our process and tools to help you with this transition.

We review your plans together on a regular basis. We are always available to you in-between those reviews as well.