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WFS Investment Fee Structure

WFS Investment Fee Structure

Our fee for managing a client's investment follows the “assets under management (AUM)" method.

We charge a percentage based on the total dollar amount of the assets we manage for you. The percentage is deducted in portions from your investment balance on a quarterly basis.

The amount of the AUM fee depends on the complexity of your situation and account size. All fees are clearly explained in all of our proposals and are mutually agreed upon prior to you becoming a client.

Unless specified otherwise, our AUM fee covers:

  • Development of a financial plan as well our other investment services, as you need them.
  • Investment and management of your assets in a portfolio selected to meet your stated needs and goals.
  • Upon request, help you with more complex planning matters such as divorce support, college planning, stock option planning, and pension analysis.
  • Upon request, provide your other advisors (CPAs, attorneys, tax and estate planning advisors, etc.) with your investment information for analysis or discussion of best options for a specific situation.
  • Our communications (meetings, phone calls, emails, texts) with you, your family, and your other advisors as needed.
  • Our educational offerings such as our monthly newsletter, website resources, webinars, in-office learning opportunities, and tools we provide such as workbooks, articles, checklists, and forms.
WFS Fee-Based Services

WFS Fee-Based Services

WFS offers annuities and 529 plans and receives commissions for those products which are explained when those products are discussed with clients. Fees for those products are not included in the WFS AUM fee.


  • Does not sell stocks, mutual funds or related investment products directly to clients nor receives any fees or commissions from third parties regarding those types of investments.
  • Does not sell life insurance or long-term care insurance in appreciation of the complexity and expertise needed. We collaborate with trusted agents who bring competency to these discussions and decisions.

How to Start Working with Waterstone Financial Services

We offer a complimentary initial consultation to learn about your goals and needs and provide information on how we work. You are under no obligation to work with WFS by having this consultation. We answer your questions and provide you details on our services and fees. This is your first opportunity to determine whether we are a good fit for you. If we aren’t, we will be happy to refer you to other resources that may be a better fit.