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May 2024 Newsletter

May 2024 Newsletter – Speedometers are Greater Green for Spring

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In this Issue: 

  • Speedometers show more improvements.

  • GDP sparks trends of volatility

  • Megatrends: Thinking ahead

  • See a bigger picture.

  • Fun: Consumers still plan on traveling. Dress accordingly.

  • Service email:

CNR May Speedometers – Getting Greener amidst Sunny Neutrals for descriptions of each indicator.

  • Note that 7 categories are tipping into green for growth.
  • Note that 11 categories are solidly neutral.
  • The 2 areas of risk are pricey valuations for stocks and concerning risks in
    the world.
    See below that volatility may spoof investors. Measured factors suggest a solid 2024.

GDP and volatile markets.

Real gross domestic product (GDP) is comprised of four major subcomponents: consumer spending, gross private domestic investment, net exports and government consumption expenditures. In the latest Q1 2024 it was reported that real GDP increased at an annual rate of 1.6%. Three of the four components made positive contributions.

  • However, the markets dropped at this news suggesting to strategists that investor emotions will likely be skittish. Volatility (emotions and flow of money) is likely back in view for 2024. Don’t get spoofed!
  • QTR 1 GDP was a little less than perfect. Ideal GDP growth is considered between 2-3%.
  • Fed will not likely lower rates aggressively as the market hoped.
  • Stocks are looking pricey and could benefit from some profit-taking and re-alignment. (We know. It makes investors nervous.)
  • Election year news will want to twist for voter influence.
  • Relax and let the strategists weigh the information and adjust with methodology and discipline.

Be proactive. Knowledge is power. Connect by office visit or phone visit for an overview of your investment strategy. You, too, will see your portfolios as a diversified allocation of investment styles navigated by monitored professionals on your behalf. Whew! A lot happens for long-term results.

Megatrends – What’s next?

Strategists not only navigate the near term but look beyond to future profits. They try and anticipate powerful opportunities ahead.  

The megatrends in currently in view (per Capital Advisors, The Long View, April 2024)

Innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Agriculture, shifts in global trade and supply chains (Watch Mexico, Latin America, India and Southeast Asia.  May prosperity expand!)

Fun Consideration: Consumers still plan to travel abroad.

Do These Shoes Make Me Look Like a Tourist? Ask Vanessa, NYTimes, August 7, 2023
To sneaker or not to sneaker? While wearing sneakers will no longer brand you as a tourist no matter where you go, the kind of sneaker you wear does matter. Subdued clothes and a trimmer shoe will let you blend in with the locals. Be comfortable but be subtle. Don’t stand out in the crowd!

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