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March 2024 Newsletter

March 2024 Newsletter – Solid Footing

Uniquely Waterstone for our unique Waterstone clients 

In this Issue: 

  • The economy remains healthy.

  • Portfolio pause for thought

  • Hot housing markets!

  • Important household keys

  • Cryptocurrency – energy gluttons

  • Need a travel chair?

  • Times are good- life adventure!

So far, the American economy remains healthy, growing and envied by the rest of the world.

The stock market is on solid footing.

Consumers spent at a healthy clip during the holidays. 

The US job market remains solid and wage growth is beating inflation. Americans can still pay down their debts, put money away into savings and continue to spend.

Attitudes toward the economy have improved dramatically in recent months.

Realities continue:

Inflation is still above the Fed’s goal of 2% so interest rates remain at higher levels, impacting big ticket financing such as mortgages and car loans.

Quit-rates (leaving jobs)  have fallen to a four-year low, suggesting employees are feeling less confident that they’ll find a better position elsewhere.

Single family housing availability is constricted by vacation and corporate ownership of rental properties for cashflow strategies in many cities. 

Our strong economy still faces challenges of changing times in a tumultuous world.

Source:  CNN, Americans have racked up a trillion dollars in credit card debt. That’s actually OK by Bryan Mena, Sun February 25, 2024

Participation and Protection- Calm times are ideal for portfolio reviews.  Emotions are steady and rational.  Come for an office visit (or Zoom) to understand the methods, disciplines and diversifications that structure your funds for your future.  It should reflect your risk tolerance and your life stage.  

Together we will review the mix of stocks and bonds, indexes (yes, the screaming S&P 500), ETFs (focused positions packaged according to industry or other criteria), single stocks, maybe alternatives and cash.  

Note that many clients have MSA, Multiple Strategist Accounts, as part of their structures.  The strategists are combined for account efficiencies. Albridge and statements list MSA holdings within these intermixed and listed in reports according to position size.  It’s hard to see the specifics and contribution of each strategist in the mix. Clients can log into their accounts at and see the strategists separated neatly.  We will show you how to click online during your visit or phone connection. 

Hot Housing Market!

Buffalo is projected to be the nation's hottest housing market this year, according to the latest analysis from real estate company Zillow. Housing markets are healthiest where affordable home prices and strong employment are giving young hopefuls a real shot at buying and starting to build equity.

According to Zillow, Rochester's size is "just outside the largest 50 metros" as it is the 51st largest metro area in the country based on their data. When considering Rochester, the Flower City would have ranked fifth – between Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana for appeal.

Refining the Homefront Notebook – Yes, the Homefront Notebook is
an ongoing, working organizational system in the Roth household. If
something happened to both of us, would our executor know what to
address? We recently identified the odd keys on our keychains: post office box key, storage units (2 keys).
Need a refresher? for instructions. We have the materials for your Homefront Notebook system at the office. NoxBox, a professional system, is also on hand for your review. Come on in!

Beyond the Crypto Hype

Client Centered

Bitcoin is energy intensive because it relies on a process known as “proof-of-work”.  Rather than being overseen by a single authority, like a central bank, bitcoin dispenses the responsibility of tracking to voluntary “miners” around the globe who prevent tampering through a complex process that consumes a vast amount of energy to run mega computers and cooling fans. Texas has become a global “mining” leader because the state offers friendly regulation, cheap energy and land.  Bitcoin miners consumes energy that could power hundreds of thousands of homes in Texas.  There are 34 large scale bitcoin mines operating across the US.  

A Greenpeace USA climate research specialist says this demand for energy occurs at a time where we need to be reducing our energy use.   

Time Magazine, Feb 26, 2024, pg 8.

Have a use for a lightweight, folding, travel chair?

A travel chair similar to the one on the left has been successfully used to navigate Manhattan; a high end, lavish wedding; several trips to Geva and the MAG, the Rochester Jazz Festival and beyond.  It folds quick and easy for the car, air travel and storage.  This dandy “energy saver” deserves good use and a good home.  Reach out if this works in you and yours. (I actually have 2 of them.)

Markets are stable.  Weather is mild. Hopefully health is good.  Find an adventure that expands your world. Do all you can as long as you can. 

Note: Kathy will next be in the  Rochester office March 26 thru April 3, 2024. Josh who is local, available and always appreciated.

Thanks if you've read to the end. You're our kind of people.
Reach out to us with your questions, comments, needs. 

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