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March 2023 Newsletter - Lots of Moving Parts!

March 2023 Newsletter - Lots of Moving Parts!

Uniquely Waterstone for our unique Waterstone clients 

In this Issue: Data needs to settle. Think beyond.

  • Last cool analogy about 2022

  • Basic ideas about economy, market, investors

  • Clark Capital Replay link - debt ceiling discussion

  • Taking your RMD, Required Minimum Distribution

  • Centering kids in family values - Movie: Wonder

  • Considering community living - our elder resources

  • On our website/On-the-Mark

  • Helping our community: lamps to Saints Place; sewing machines to Sew
    Green; sympathy cards to our friends


The market in 2022 was like skiing a mogul field: Bumps, steep and deep with twists and turns all the way down. At the end, you're bruised and exhausted.
Enough said about 2022.                                                                            


 Key investing principles to remember:

Economic data looks backwards. It reports on what happened. Markets think forward, looking for change in trends. Investors are in the moment, driven by fear and greed.

The domestic consumer is key to every economic cycle in the US representing 68% of spending. Consumers spend more freely when they have jobs. Employment is high. Spending is high. Consumer debt is still low.

However, 57% of Americans indicate they would have trouble meeting a $1000 emergency and credit card debt is growing as inflation impacts food and energy.

The economy is a mixed bag, with positive signals like falling inflation and historically low unemployment. There are some worrying ones like still stubborn inflation, rising unemployment figures, consumers continuing to spend robustly, big layoffs in big tech and conflicting labor data.

What's the trend for jobs and what does it mean for recession? The current opinion by many: rigorous recession-low chance; mild recession -biggest bet; no recession- skinny chance. It's about jobs and consumers.

Debt Ceiling Limits, a thorny influence that will make us nuts!

The battle over the Debt Ceiling in today's political environment will create headline noise that will bombard us with fear. It is scary discussion. Fear will heighten volatility. Volatility will heighten fear. This nasty drama will likely flow into summer. Chill with Glenn Dorsey of Clark Capital who discusses the intricacies of the debt ceiling and how it affects the United States' financialoutlook.
Click here for a replay of this recent webinar (approx 20 mins of presentation with approx 8 mins of questions.) Build your investor stamina. Hear it here. Hear it again. Share it with others who might find this one more stressor. Call with questions or discussion. All this reminds us that our investment partners navigate on our behalf.


IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

Just Do It.

A well known accountant encouraged clients to take their RMD by spring each year. Get it done early. Some people think they will get the benefit of the full year by waiting until Dec. It works if you have a 12% CD but markets are unreliable, rates are low. Have a problem and there can be an difficult dash amidst the holiday season. Die during the year without the RMD withdrawal and leave a natty mess for your executor. Think like Nike.
Just Do It!


Always choose kind....teaching
family values in today's harsh                                        



Wonder (2017) tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters the fifth grade after homeschooling. This film is skillful storytelling from various perspectives. Build skills of compassion against bullying via movie night with family. Roth thumbs

Talking about Community Living

Kathy recently accompanied a client to several of Rochester’s independent living communities. If this is a topic that you are mulling and want to hash it over, come forward for conversation. We may add updated information to your knowledge base about living a future chapter. If a potential move involves health complications, we collaborate with trusted specialists who can efficiently steer through local options. These professionals know the details of the communities and the healthcare system. They save time, angst and money. Collaboration with communities resources is part of our value proposition.
We help you think through the unexpected.

The value of a sympathy card.

We have had two truly gentle men recently pass at ages 90+. Both wives mentioned the power of sympathy cards. The reminder of friends, small stories helped the widows feel the connections. Email doesn't deliver the same gesture of sensitive support. A physical greeting card is worth the extra effort.


More tools on our website.

On the Mark- Opportunity in Growth, Value or Both?
On the Mark - Dooming Debt or Deja Vu?
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Past 3 newsletters are kept for reference.

Small efforts to help in the community          
Saint's Place in Pittsford - Looking for lamps and practical family furniture; good cookware, dishes, silverware. Drop off or call for pick up.

Sew Green on Main St Rochester - Looking for fabric and sewing machines for immigrant women who want to make their own cultural clothing.


Thanks if you've read to the end. You're our kind of people.

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