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June 2023 - Good News: Strong Incomes, Successful Millennials

Good News: Strong Incomes, Successful Millennials

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In this Issue: We await debt ceiling resolution and think beyond 

  • American economy and incomes compared to the world. 
  • Successful millennials per J Twenge, PhD, generational specialist From where comes the angst? 
  • Graduation season: Bill Gates advice 
  • Aging Solo from InspireCare CNY 
  • Summer travel/ passports / Relishing Western NY 
  • Waterstone Blogs / Newsletter services changes in July. 

American economy/American income 

Ready for good economic news? Per the Economist, the American economy is leaving the rest of the world “ever further in the dust” It’s a remarkable reality that American remains the world’s richest, most productive and most innovative big economy. The US today accounts for 58% of the output of the G-7 of the leading nations, compared with 40% in 1990. 

Adjusted for purchasing power, the average income in Mississippi, America’s poorest state, is higher than that in France. Incomes for the country’s poorest fifth have risen in real terms by 74 % since 1990, much more than Britain. American has done very well in the past three decades. And it will keep doing so if American can avoid narratives of negativity that could “mess up the next 30 years”. (The Week, April 28, 2023 ) 

Millennials are doing fine... 

says Jean Twenge, American Psychologist (San Diego State) who follows generational differences including work values, life goals, speed of development. 

Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, entered the job market during The Great Recession but have made a strong comeback. By 2019 households were making considerably more money than previous generations at the same age adjusted for inflation. More went to college and started their careers later than Boomers and Gen Xers. 

Millennials are now entering their peak earning years and have more earning power. In 2020, 48% of Millennials own their own home which is roughly in line with older generations. The kids are alright!

(The Atlantic, May 2023, pg 9) Request a book summary of Generations: The Real Differences Between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers and Silents – and What They mean for America’s Future, or article, The Myth of the Broke Millennial.) 

Why All the Angst?? 

From where does the negativity come? 

History repeats or at least rhymes. In the early 1900s, the beginning of a new century, the US was fraught with extraordinary violence and turbulence. 

The conditions that make a society vulnerable to political violence are complex but well established: highly visible wealth disparity, declining trust in democratic institutions, a perceived sense of victimhood, intense partisan estrangement based on identity, rapid demographic change, flourishing conspiracy theories, violent and dehumanizing rhetoric against “the other”, a sharply divided electorate, and a belief among those who flirt with violence that they can get away with it. 

(The Atlantic, The New Anarchy by Adrienne LaFrance, April 2023) Again, connect if you would like the complete reference. 

Graduation Season: Bill Gates was 2023 commencement speaker for Northern Arizona University in appreciation for their work to refine the value of a college education. Click here for his full discussion on Gatesnotes. 

"This is the advice I shared: 

  1. Your life isn’t a one-act play. 
  2. You’re never too smart to be confused. 
  3. Gravitate toward work that solves an important problem. 4. Don’t underestimate the power of friendship. 
  4. You’re not a slacker if you cut yourself some slack.” 

Aging Solo, Eyes Wide Open by 

If you anticipate your own future or are a caregiver for family or friends, know that Eldercare professionals are key resources on our Waterstone team. 

Aging solo could be in anyone's future. Here are key concepts from InspireCare CNY to keep in mind: 

  • Successful solo aging requires that you
  • are very honest with yourself about changes. (really) 
  • are prepared for the possibility of dementia. (yikes!) 
  • actively plan for how to get help. (We're here to help....) 
  • assemble a support network of professionals. (..and we bring resources.)
  • Find the entire article on our Waterstone Blog below. 

Remember, too, InspireCareCNY's LifePlan Organization service for focus, documents and professional walk thru to completion. Visit no matter where you are in the US. Call us for more discussion. 

Traveling abroad this year? Check your passport. 

Friends and clients report a 4+ month processing time for new passports and renewals. 

What's Ahead in World Class Western NY? 

The CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival (Top 5 worldwide) Chautauqua Institution Summer Season (Class of it's own) June Opening of Buffalo's AKG Art Museum (4 year expansion) Rochester Fringe Festival (only 200 such festivals in the world) ....And plenty more! Go outside and play!! 

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