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July 2023 - Market Wary and Market Optimism

Market Wary and Market Optimism

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In this Issue: 

  • Investor Stamina: 
      • 2023 Mid Year Speedometers 
      • Market Wary and Market Optimism
  • Family Preparedness: 
        • AI tutorial (YouTube) Preparing your family for AI 
        • 16 & 8 mm Home movies?  Now what?
    • New to WFS Blog
        • Family Preparedness: College Assistance Plus (2) and Modern Elder Academy (2) 
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    These twenty economic speedometers have been essentially the same as November 2022. This is the outcome that the Federal Reserve’s rate action hopes – slowing growth, reduced inflation. Look carefully to see the grey dial shadows to show movement from last month…tiny improvements. However, Equity Market Valuation has drifted into the red Negative zone – too high for the current trends, rate sensitive and top heavy.
    CNR presents these forward-looking 6 to 9 month views. We have successfully passed the debt ceiling standoff.


    The Thrills and Chills of AI, Artificial Intelligence…. WFS Family Preparedness

    Stage 1: Social Media – reflections of Social Media founders now, The Center for Humane Technology

    Positive intention/Excitement

    Negative bi-product/Risks

    Gives everyone a voice

    Addiction – shortened attention span

    Connect with your friends

    Disinformation – fake news

    Join like-minded communities

    Polarization - doomscrolling

    Enable small/mid biz to reach customers

    Mental health stresses – influencer culture

    Stage 2: Artificial Intelligence - AI is now in the news daily. In November Generative AI showed up that suggests the potential for machine creativity, logic and interaction.

    You may recall that Waterstone clicked into social media leaders thru an early documentary, Social Dilemma viewed at Sundance Film Festival 2019 (now hosted on Netflix 2020). Next, some of these leaders developed The Center for Humane Technology (CHT). If you are trying to understand the basics of AI, view the CHT’s Town Hall released on June 7, 2023 now available on You Tube. Click here for the CHT tutorial (a worthy 1 hr of your time).

      Anticipate living with AI…. WFS Family Preparedness

    “If you can make one person twice as productive you don’t do as much as two people could do – maybe you do as much as three and a half or four people could do.” Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO.

    My big take-away: The citizens of tomorrow will need to think. Strengthen your children to meet the AI challenge. A strong family is good for your finances. Each stage of IT technology is intended to create greater efficiency and replace jobs. Per the Town Hall discussion, college may play a different role.

    Kids are interested in the world. Encourage the children in your circle to think beyond their phone by having interesting, hard copy journalism on hand for their consideration. If magazines are sitting around, they can pick it up. Consider ways to host kid discussions -GParent Pizza Sunday Supper? What do they think about…..? Schools have their hands full with stressed students and parents. Stop by our office to review these two subscriptions on the coffee table: The Week for Juniors (segmented by grade levels, 32 pages that mirror the variety of topics of The Week Magazine) and Yes!, Journalism for People Building a Better World (high school and beyond, theme oriented with varied perspectives). It’s a small step. It’s doing something positive for your thinking children.


    Speaking of families – Home movies.

    Have 16 mm and/or 8 mm films from yesteryear? These people are fading further away from memory.

    Charles Roth, Fred’s grandfather was a professional EK photographer in the 1920s and beyond. As a pro, he was fascinated with the new film technology of home movies and had rolls and rolls going back to 1923. They feature Fred’s father as a boy and young man. Granny is young, hip and cool. Aunts and uncles are featured in new cars of the time, at airplane and dirigible events and Atlantic City!

    We figured we had one shot at preserving those rolls still intact. A lesser priced, lesser skilled option could be a lost opportunity. After researching services, we sent them to and they came back better than the originals. The videos are housed online and available as DVDs for each family member.


    New to the Waterstone website blog

    • College Assistance Plus (CAP+):   
      • Have the Money Talk with Your Child 
      • Don’t Let the College Process Overwhelm You 
    • Modern Elder Academy:
      • Thriving with Cancer 
      • Midlife Doesn’t Live on a Map.

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