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About WFS: Waterstone’s TLC

October 19, 2023

A WFS core philosophy:  

Money isn’t everything but money touches everything. 

Attitude is everything but attitude touches everything.  

Choose calm.

Whew!  The growing turmoil of the world creeps into our homes and heads to create a growing environment of angst.  We are further hijacked into anxiety as media avenues strive to garner our attention, our dollars and our power of votes.  It takes real effort to create your personal environment of peace, quiet and calm.  Here are three resources that might add some positive vibes to your days ahead. 


Feed your artistic soul. Rochester Folks:  Fun Alert    

The Company Theater celebrates their second year as community theater.

Romeo and Juliet in authentic Shakespeare will show Oct 19 to Oct 30 at the Temple Theater, 14 Franklin St/Liberty Pole Way.  This might be a revived pleasure for you and an experience for the students in your family who may read this play as part of their curriculum.  Expose them to Shakespeare’s language delivered by local professionals.  Weekend matinees are options. 

See for dates and times.


Feed your brain information to build skills and strengthens controls.  Be a Brooks groupie!

Arthur C Brooks, PhD/Social Scientist teaching the science and philosophies of happiness at Harvard.  He specializes in actionable strategies to help people live their best lives.  WFS suggested AC Brooks’ earlier work, From Strength to Strength, a discussion of brain shift from innovation of youth to connected wisdom with age.  His newest book with Oprah Winfrey, Build the Life You Want, the art and science of getting happier.  KR is working through Arthur Brook’s The Art and Science of Happiness 10 part series.  ($30 for resources, ancient wisdoms and science-backed insights.)



Feed your spirit philosophy that expands your perspectives. Connect to a thinking community.

Chip Conley, Modern Elders Academy.  This online community is really forward-thinking middle lifers and beyond.  Build a culture of psychological safety. Improve intergenerational collaboration. Inspire your circle of friends and family with more generative conversations. This group thinks good thoughts for better living. 

Here’s a sample blog of Chip and friends:

It’s a Mixed Bag Being a Human These Days.

“The planet does not need more successful people, but it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind.”- David Orr

Yes, it’s hard to be human these days. That’s why our job in midlife is to be a role model of humanity. Not a pinball in a pinball machine, ricocheting from reaction to reaction. We are mirrors, and the moment we remember that, the more we can influence our environment. When I calm down, you calm down. That’s true of apes and most humans. 

So, if you don’t like the state of the world or the state of emotions amongst your fellow humans, go out and change the emotional contagion. Trust begets trust. Joy begets joy. Love begets love. - Chip   

Explore and consider receiving thoughtful blogs by email from Chip and the growing list of contributors. 


Feed your being – Get out in nature.  Many pandemic studies confirm the enormous benefits of daily exposure to nature.  It’s a terrific fall in most locations.Find ways to interact with our great outdoors!  Go outside and play!

Don’t ruminate about markets, portfolios or investment news.  Connect with us for conversation to better understand how our investment partners navigate on our behalf as the markets ebb and flow.  Understand your strategy.  Be reminded of the ongoing monitoring of strategists and their competencies.  There’s more to this than checking a random day’s bottomline.

We’re here to help.