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The First Four Things to Do When Your Life is Changing

February 21, 2023

We all live with the normal continuum of change and then there are the big, life-changing events. It might be unexpected changes in health, relationships, career that impacts life going forward.

Some call them life quakes, we call them life transitions.

They do not happen often but when they do the stakes are high and decisions made shape life going forward.

This is why clients hire and stay with their financial advisors –
to prepare for, manage, and adjust to life-changing events.

A Certified Financial Transitionist (CeFT) brings training, tools and processes to give focus and structure to the conversations amidst times of stress and confusion.

The objectives are to provide:

  • a recognition of life’s new baseline – “Am I Okay?”
  • to see the big picture amidst the stress of change – “A View from the Balcony”
  • to expand perspective and recognize options – “What if”
  • to make thoughtful decisions – “Purpose/Method/Outcome”

The goals are:

  • increase confidence,
  • help to sort and prioritize demands and choices,
  • increase decision-making capacity, and
  • increase patience to stay the course.

A CeFT can become: 

  • A thinking partner
  • A trained, objective sounding board
  • A stabilizer in uncertain times
  • Part of your life support team

Build your life support team.  Cultivate relationships that will serve you in life ahead.