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April 2023 Newsletter - From Infection to Inflation

April 2023 Newsletter - From Infection to Inflation

Uniquely Waterstone for our unique Waterstone clients 

In this issue:

  • Check in with CNR speedometers
  • The new FFANG stocks, not so tech
  • Time for short term bond ladders to stash your cash
  • Connecting with teens, a family resource and 2 ideas
  • The Company Theatre- Sunday matinee, April 23 at 2:00pm, new location
  • Behavioral Financial Advisor designation
  • additions


City National Rockdale (CNR) speedometers hold essentially the same pattern since Nov. The Fed is happy to see yellow/neutral indicators.The red negatives are also desired. The Fed is working it's plan.



  • Per CNR, It’s hard to have a recession if there is job growth.  
  • Roughly 75% of American jobs are within companies with 250 employees or less. These businesses are holding onto their employees because they are hard to replace. 
  • Balance sheets are also strong at corporate and consumer levels. 
  • We are surprisingly solid at this point in time but it's complicated. Recession is not a forgotten word. 

Check for details of their 20 leading indicators.

Want a more professional view of the economy? CNR provides an excellent overview, The BottomLine: It's Complicated. Click below for a current quick, easy read.

New FFANG stocks....We move past the pandemic’s full force and move on to life’s next challenge. The focus is back to the tangible world: impacts of war- food and fuel imbalances; weapon needs for war; gold and metals as safe havens; damage of violent weather and climate change. The new FFANG stocks: food, fuel, agriculture, new energy, gold +. Tech stocks may take a rest and possible "reversion to their mean" as they resize their workforces and rethink their gameplans.


Rising rates As the dynamics blend, this is a good time to consider fixed income again. If you are holding a cash build up of $25K or more, you may consider Short Term US Treasury Bond Ladder with our dominant investment platform. There are 5 equally weighted treasury sleeves: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 month treasuries. At each stated maturity, funds can go to cash or reinvest in the 15 month sleeve. Yields are competitive. Funds are liquid and secure. This may be more useful than locking your money up in a timed CD. Call for more discussion or a current illustration/proposal.


Family Find: The Emotional Lives of Teen Agers by Lisa Damour, PhD- Teen Psychologist. This book is in the news as it addresses our growing concerns about teen mental health. We chalk off much to hormones, peer pressure, social media. Damour discusses the whirling world of shifting, reconnecting neurons in the young teen brain.


This book provides insight and practical suggestions in communicating with teen brains in action. This is a must read for parents, grandparents, future parents, teachers, mentors or anyone who interacts with youth. I wish I had this when I was teaching.


A taste of technique for an angry confrontation: Hands up, palms facing them to signal “stop” (visual). “That’s inappropriate. Tell me the problem again.” They talk. You listen.


Another tip - What do you do when a kid is emotionally overwhelmed?, ask a simple question: Do you want to be helped, heard or hugged?


Visit our website/blog for another teen tool: Five Steps to a Better Apology. This is a good life skill for any responsible age.


Community Find: The Company Theater Rochester, Honoring Tradition through Innovation.

Ibsen’s The Seagull will perform April 14-30 with matinees. Note new location: The School of the Arts/Black Box Theater (University Ave – easy parking).

The Seagull is considered a huge turning point in the history of theater because it was among the first of its kind, staying away from the melodramatic style of the late 19th century and bringing realism to the stage. Rochester’s The Company Theater honors the tradition with its own innovative style. 

Join me Sunday, April 23 for matinee at 2:00 pm. Bring your “theatrically inclined” teen for unique local professionals inspiration. Call with your intentions. I will meet you there with tickets. Support the expanding arts in Rochester.

Reach out to or 585 586-5641 for your tickets.

Click here for


Behavioral Financial Advisor, BFA

Sharpening Our Saw -  Josh adds Behavioral Financial Advisor designation to his profile. 

Behavioral Financial Advisors incorporate individual psychology in their financial planning recommendations to help clients overcome cognitive and behavioral biases that negatively impact their financial decisions. A BFA seeks to help clients achieve better financial outcomes by addressing these emotions and biases.

The BFA designation requires study, testing and continuing education. It is organized and maintained by Think2Perform.


Check our website for added materials. Here are topics we find or create to support thinking, conversation and skills.

Click here for CNR's economic overview: The Bottomline: It's Complicated.

Click here for Waterstone articles, past newsletters- Five Steps to a Better Apology.


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